NEOEC Network Solutions

Northeast Ohio Electronic Communication Solutions

Phone Service

NEOEC's phone offerings are among the most sought-after voice over IP (VOIP) phone service available in the area. What makes our phone service better than the rest is the vast amount features we offer at no additional charge, along with the technical support needed to fully utilize and understand them. We offer residential phone service, enterprise phone handsets, and everything in-between. Some of our more popular features include:


Whether you need to set up cameras at your workplace to catch thieves or you want outdoor surveillance, NEOEC can provide affordable and reliable solutions. With our focus on localization of technology in an ever-more-cloud-based world, we offer the added benefit of knowing your data belongs solely to you, and not some cloud company located overseas with no true accountability for data breaches.

Web Hosting

With NEOEC, you can host your websites easily and securely from a local data center that will provide you with unbeatable speeds. We offer technical support for those who need assistance editing their websites or even creating entire new sites from scratch. Whether your site is going to use straight HTML, something more user-friendly such as Wordpress, or something more scalable such as Django, we are able to offer all the support you would need.


Do you have other technical needs? We also offer technical consulting services to business and residential customers alike. Whether you need an entire office building's worth of workstations provisioned for employee use or you need help learning how to use your new Kindle, we are happy to help. We take pride in helping those in our community improve their use of technology no matter if they're a home user or a large corporation.

About Us

NEOEC Network Solutions was founded by Peter Klein of Canal Fulton, Ohio in 2020 after many years of working in the telecommunications and IT industry. A largely self-taught technical specialist, Peter works in a very meticulous way to ensure every customer has their needs completely met. Peter runs several web sites and has worked with countless customers to provide technical support for all sizes of businesses in the form of phone, Internet, and web hosting support.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us currently is via email at
If you prefer, you can also give us a call at 234-200-1776.